Did you know...

...in Germany bi and homosexual men aren´t allowed to donate blood? No? Neither did we. That´s why we started "Bunt Spenden", a petition that aims to collect signatures and kickoff a public discussion to eventually change the law.





So how did we change that?

We started an interactive petition with a strong symbol. To represent the missing blood, the red was removed from the rainbow flag, which was then hoisted on our website and on digital billboards. Each signature for the petition turned into a red drop that filled up the stripe in real time - until we reached the final goal of 25.000 signatures.






People could sign via desktop and mobile. Interactive digital billboards throughout the city activated passers-by and made them witness the effect of their signature on the flag in real time. On the website, people could also learn more about the blood ban and its scientific alternatives through an animated story. (Checkout the Website





The Results

“Bunt Spenden” received lots of support on social networks and even won over influencers like Thomas Hitzlsperger, Germany´s first outedfootball star. The project started a public discussion about the blood ban throughout national and international media. The 25.000+ needed to refill the rainbow were reached in one week and presented to the German Medical Association.




My job

  • Researching
  • Shape the idea
  • Sketching/Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Functional requirements



  • Awwwards "Honorable Mention"