The Idea

Kia stands for the ‘power to surprise’ - and the Kia cee’d is positioned as the ultimate surprising machine. The ‘Surprise drive’ web-app caters 100 % to Kia’s brand values and the positioning of the soon to be launched Kia cee’d. Moreover, it also relates to the needs and characteristics of our young and restless target group. In cooperation with TripAdvisor we developed a simple navigator tool that enables the user to create their own surprising roadtrip based on interesting POIs in their vicinity.

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The Process

In most cases it starts with pen and paper.





To focus on the details of every interaction and to communicate the design vision, we created in an early stage first animations.






Because the Surprise Drive is a navigator tool for road trips we designed it mobile first. But it's also responsive and works smoothly across multiple devices.



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My job

  • Develope the idea
  • Sketching/Wireframing
  • Functional requirements
  • Writing Storyboard for the Trailer (including art direction on the set)



  • Jung von Matt/Alster